So I think I have had at leat two, if not more, blog posts with scarcely a mention of politics and surprising though it might seem to most, there are those who don’t mind the odd political rant once in a while from yours truly, so I had might as well be upfront about it.… Continue reading Politics

Happy New Year…

…well I wrote a fairly uneventful, anodyne Happy Christmas post and, to be quite honest, I have little to add to that but I thought I should try to keep the good vibes a flowin’ because they do seem to be in short supply and for once we have got them! AJ continues to be… Continue reading Happy New Year…

Happy Christmas

Before I go any further, Dave… Postie Dave… if you are reading this, we hate you!! I’ll explain why later. Because other than that note of negativity, this is going to be an entirely positive post. That’s because for all the macro-crap that is flying around these days, and there certainly is plenty of it,… Continue reading Happy Christmas

Cheerio Polly

Well ain’t that we way, just when Ava-Jane has had one of the best weeks she has had in months, it looks like we are going to have put down Polly the pony (for anyone who might not get that euphemism, it means “kill”) She somehow injured herself in the field messing around a couple… Continue reading Cheerio Polly

Roooooad Triiiip!!

For the first time in seven months, I have made it out of Buckinghamshire… I exaggerate slightly for effect, we did make it all the way to Northamptonshire for a massive lump of meat with sister/brother-in-law Carolyn and Andrew some time in the summer. But this was my, and Otto’s, first night away from home… Continue reading Roooooad Triiiip!!

The Keto Diet

So, we started Ava-Jane on the Keto Diet last week. And that’s a whole new adventure. The diet involves you completely rearranging what you eat to change how your body functions. Given that Ava-Jane gets the vast majority of her food through her stomach tube, it is relatively easy to alter her diet. We want her… Continue reading The Keto Diet

Home again

Well, as the song says we are all home again. It has not been entirely problem free… it rarely is. It quickly became apparent that being in hospital was not going to help Ava-Jane whatsoever. She has got an infection, possibly e-coli, and she needs antibiotics but we can administer these at home. The National… Continue reading Home again

My big day out

Well, this is exciting… I am out and about for the first time since early March. We did have an outing to the safari park but didn’t get out of the vehicle, so that doesn’t count. Otto has been at school for the past few weeks interacting with his mates and teachers (very much in… Continue reading My big day out

The political one

By popular acclaim, I am doing a political blog post. Well, I say “popular” and “acclaim”, Immo and Rowena vaguely mentioned that they would want to hear my opinions on the Russian influence on British politics, which I had refrained from airing when I was updating on the far more important issue of Ava-Jane and… Continue reading The political one

Home and recovering

Ava-Jane and Fo got home last Thursday evening, which is a pretty quick turnaround from open-heart surgery on the Monday. And she even managed to slip in a quick complication because of course she did. I mean when has Ava-Jane ever not had a complication? This time it was the lungs, we haven’t had lungs… Continue reading Home and recovering