I think it is measure of how infrequently I am blogging that my last post had “Here comes the sun” in the title. But I am sitting outside this evening to blog and catch the last rays of the setting sun. Admittedly wearing a cap, fleece waistcoat and feather padded jacket, but hey you have to suffer for your art and appreciate what there is of a British summer.


And it is quite a spectacular sunset.

The big news in the Baxter household is that we have to use the stairgate again as AJ is on the move. For six months now she has been immobile so we have not had to worry about many of the safety issues that you need to be on the look out for with most nearly-three-year-olds. As long as she didn’t have any sharp objects or major choking hazards within the reach of her left arm we were ok.
But she has just perfected the roll and squirm in the last few days and can suddenly get places, not necessarily the places she is aiming for but these things take time. Rolling was her first solution to the mobility conundrum. My wise old mother always says that as children generally don’t have any paradigm for crawling to model themselves on, they come up with all sorts of innovative solutions to getting themselves around – the bum shuffle, the arms-only commando crawl, the panther, etc. So AJ rolls and squirms. She can’t use her right hand and can’t really (oooh I have got a robin mating ritual going on before me) coordinate her legs and she has come up with the best solution to her particular set of circumstances. Saying that though, today she had a full day of occupational therapists and the like and she was definitely bringing another leg into play… Poco a poco.


There you go all my royalist friends and family – a picture of my daughter waving the flag with her face smeared with the red of a massive red, white and blue cupcake cake for the whole village. We did have the most magnificent jubilee fete. Floats, Joey from Warhorse, jousting, wheelbarrow acrobatics we had it all.




I myself played a vital part: pissed bloke making slightly inappropriate jokes about the village trooping down to light the beacon being a bit like The Wicker Man… to kids. You have got to have one of those guys at a jubilee fete. I enjoyed myself massively.

It is AJ’s birthday in a few weeks and so almost exactly a year since we found out that she had leukaemia (interestingly I struggled to spell ‘leukaemia’, a word I had found difficult to begin with but got quite used to writing, I can’t have mentioned it for a while). We took AJ to the hospital two days after her second birthday, so that is almost a full year with her health as the focus of our lives. But we do feel that we are coming to the end of something (I have said that before I know!) we have kept all her ‘Get Well’ cards up as the twelve days of this particular Christmas have not really ended. We are going to take them down and keep them safe for her after her birthday. We have also received lots and wonderful gifts and have not really taken stock of them. Thanks to everyone for all you have done and given from Fo and me.

No football. No, no, no, no football. I have put myself in a Zen state of underwhelmedness about the football so if it is even moderately whelming, I will have reached Nirvana. Am I mixing my theologies there? Is Nirvana Hindu? Quick check… Interestingly both a Hindu and Buddhist concept (for ref: Nirvana