hmmm, if you are a close follower of this blog, you might have seen two posts, now three with this one. I saw an old blog from AJ’s third birthday that hadn’t been posted and had a look at it and it posted itself. It was quite interesting as a contrast between where she was then, when we were just thankful she was alive and where we are now. 



Ava-Jane is six tomorrow

It has been a while since I blogged and as ever that is because no news is good news. But we have reached a milestone so this is as good a moment as any to report in.

Tomorrow (today probably by the time I get round to posting this blog given that it is already 10.30), is AJ’s sixth birthday and you’ve got to say she has packed it in. Her birthdays are always a bit tricky for me as it was the day after her second birthday that we found out she had leukaemia.

But four years on, after much tribulation, it is amazing to think where AJ is now. Fo was in school with her today and she has got a tick on “can write” parameter. She uses felt cards to put a sentence together. Because she finds it hard to shape her mouth to make certain sounds her vocal communication can’t keep up with what she is trying to say. From the sounds of it, these felt cards allow her to convey more complex concepts than she can speaking. 

That said, her speech is also in a different league. The problem being that now she can express herself quite clearly, it is harder to laugh off her requests: “me, more, salt” or “me people say hello” when you have put her to bed and some rowdy guests have turned up that she wants to party with.

And to complete the full proud father gush on the eve of his only daughter’s sixth birthday, she is also really coming on in her walking. We now have the wonderful Ander as AJ’s au-pair/carer (I am never sure which to use, “au-pair” sounds very middle class but “carer” makes AJ sound older than she is, while she is still my baby, I don’t want to her to have a carer). And Ander has got AJ walking very proudly. He holds her under the arms and she strides out. Thinking of when she was in the Peto clinic, it took three people to get her to take two steps. 

So overall cool. Otto has suddenly grown up and knows all about all sorts of grown up things. It’s our ten-year wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and we are off for three days to…

…not telling you Fo if you’re reading.

We had fab party for AJ’s birthday last Saturday, our very dear friends who have fled to the frozen North returned so AJ had her buddy for a sleepover after the most excellent party. Fo threw her event organising skills at it and had all the kids reinterpreting “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” through the medium of splattering paint on the side of an old tent, which I don’t think was “a thing” until now. I hunched over the BBQ, feeding the masses. It was the second party in a row with the most excellent village people.


  One of Otto’s current favourite tracks is “Space Unicorn”, so we had a space unicorn at the party. 
I made a video of Otto and AJ reading Mr Tickle (click on the link, I have to pay extra to run videos in the blog!)