Variety is the spice of life

Have I started a new internet craze? The Lelfie: a selfie taken while holding a lamb. I think it has got legs… The craze, that is, the lamb has four, one slightly dodgy.
So I get back from a day presenting to a variety of Balkan distributors (I wonder what the collective noun is for a group of people from the Balkans. A powderkeg?) and an evening entertaining them in an Oxford watering hole. Take off my finer suit (finer rather than finest – I only have two) and out to feed the lambs.
It has been well over a month since AJ’s op and life in the Baxter household was feeling a little humdrum, so thankfully the ewes have started lambing to get some spice into our lives! The first had triplets and two of them died, but as Otto said after a couple of minutes of looking mournful at their sad demise, “We were going to eat them anyway!”
…and the next ewe has also had triplets. After being made to feel a little inadequate by our extremely proficient sheep mentor – all his ewes seem to have quadruplets and the lambs are all fighting fit, and his ram is the Jacob champion of the South of England, and he knows what he is doing, bah! He is incredibly lovely and a complete saviour and put together a lamb revival kit for us. So we are quite determined that all the rest make it. Fo has been juggling two kids and four lambs all day and they all looked in pretty good shape. Cute youngest one, who needed some cuddles and milk below:


Oh, “How’s Ava-Jane?” you ask, this is supposed to be about her. Absolutely fine, she was still awake when I got back, up for a chat, never better. I have been really working on her trying to get her two make two separate words and she definitely had a shot at “Night, night, Dada” and very proud of it.