Me eight!

It was Ava-Jane’s eighth birthday on Sunday. Her birthday is always very emotional as it was the day after her second birthday that we found out that she had leukaemia. So to have her with us, alive and kicking is amazing. And she is so alive and kicking, even kicking the ball into the net at times.

This year, we had three of her school friends, Tommy, Pearl and Bilaal over for the party. Otto’s school and friends are very local, we know them all and their parents but it isn’t the same with AJ. She goes off in her taxi in the morning and comes back in the afternoon and we don’t know the people she spends her day with in the same way that we do with Otto. So it was fantastic to have her mates round. You could see that she was so happy and comfortable with them all. They are all non verbal to a certain extent but they all knew each other and communicated. Pearl has got a knowing grin that seems to say she has an inner joke going on that we are all missing. Ava-Jane loves to hold hands with both Bilaal and Tommy, I don’t want to be some horribly stereotypical Dad but I think I might need to keep an eye on this going forward, especially as they were both sporting some pretty rakish sun glasses.

So, happy birthday to my little girl. I can’t believe you are eight. You continue to amaze me and bring me joy – keep it going my squidge.


6 thoughts on “Me eight!

  1. Dear Ava Jane,

    Belated Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great party.

    Kind regards,

    Jan, Uta, Tim and Lucy

    PS: I love the History podcasts and am waiting for the next one ☺

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