Cross promotion ahoy!

Essentially this is going to be a post for anyone who feels they are just not getting enough of all things Baxter through this blog and feels that what they are missing in their lives is a podcast from yours truly + Otto.

Because, yes, such a thing is available and online. Otto and I have been making a history podcast and we have just launched our first episode. As this blog is, entre nous, as it were, I do have to say that the first episode is a bit ropey. We have recorded a few more which we will be releasing and I think they will get better as we go along.

But if you want to have a listen to our introduction and first episode about why we study history, here are some options:

You can go to our website by clicking this link.

Or if you prefer iTunes, click this link.

Some people use Stitcher apparently, if so, click this link.

Family news: We had Mum’s 86th birthday dinner. For very low admin birthday cake, we nicked some ice cream off the birthday girl and put some candles straight into the pot. It seemed to do the trick, see below.



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