Today is World Down’s Syndrome Day. Celebrated on 21st March, to salute the fact that people with Down Syndrome have three (rather than two copies), hence 21-3. Clever that!

The value of these sorts of days is somewhat debatable but I do love having a day when people with DS are made visible. There have been some lovely blogs from the community of bloggers that I belong to, Team 21, and it is great to see so many happy people and families. In our moments of honesty, we would probably all say it ain’t always easy but we know that we have children of great worth who bring as much and as little to the world as any other child. And as I have often said, I just wish AJ “only” had Down’s Syndrome.

Anyone up for Weird, Inexplicable, Undiagnosed Brain Damage Day? It would probably have to be celebrated on April 1st!


2 thoughts on “21-3

  1. Love to you all and big kisses to AJ! I love teaching Rebecca, a woman with Downs that I grew up with in The Sally Army, she loves to laugh and enjoy the moment.I have started to do Reiki with her-and burn some oils-she loves it 🙂

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